NFL Picks Week 4 – 2016

1 Oct , 2016  

CLE(0-3) at WAS(1-2) (-7.5)

CLE is terrible. They continue to suck. And suck bad. Each and every week, no matter how much they want to win, they are just out matched and out gunned. Some are calling it a trap game, but I dont see how anyone can lose to the hapless and rudderless CLE. Cousins will put on a display and walk all over CLE.
balex pick: WAS

BUF(1-2) at NE(3-0) (-7.5)

NE has a huge question mark for the QB this weekend. Will it be the injured 2nd string, injured 3rd string, or the slot receiver that was a QB in college. Whomever is behind the center taking snaps, will have the advantage of being at home, and Belichick. Both are huge advantages in this game. BUF is still trying to find themselves, and they wont find it against NE.
balex pick: NE

DEN(2-0) at TB(1-1) (+3)

DEN is good on both sides of the ball. The only question is the rookie QB. Thus far this season he has looked real good. The TB QB has been all over the place and will be eaten alive by the great DEN D.
balex pick: DEN

LA(2-1) at ARI(1-2) (-8)

This is a tough game to pick regardless of the spread. I have already been burned by LA and ARI this season, so no reason I should be picking this game. ARI is at home, and their QB is better. They have the potential to put up some numbers and LA is just puttering along on the offensive side of the ball. I think the record of ARI does not reflect how good they can be. Lets try and not get burned a third time by these teams.
balex pick: ARI

TEN(1-2) at HOU(2-1) (-4.5)

There is no question the loss of Watt will be impactful. But one person does not play the entire game on both sides of the ball. HOU will arise to the occasion and show that the team is greater than one person. The D will adjust and overcome. The TEN QB is not all that great and has been having a less than stellar year. While it may be a close game, HOU will come out the victor.
balex pick: HOU

Picks Left:

Teams Used:
j2: KC, NE, CAR
b1: HOU, SEA
b2: GB, BAL, MIA, NE
b3: ARI

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