NFL Picks Week 3 – 2016

25 Sep , 2016  

CLE(1-0) at MIA(0-1) (-9.5)

CLE has yet another rookie QB starting. Fresh from college and thrid on an already depeleted depth chart, this kid as little to no chance of survival against the tough, veteran D of MIA. Suh and Willams are going to eat his lunch, or I will eat my words. Not only is CLE dealing with the QB situation, they are just flat out terrible on the road. So, even though the first year head coach for MIA is still winless, he has had his teams in the thick of it against some really good teams.
balex pick: MIA

CHI(0-2) at DAL(1-1) (-6.5)

CHI is beat up and brusied. Starting a journeyman backup QB that has been all over the place. DAL always plays big at home and on Sunday night. DAL has improved the O line and can control and manage the game. Rookie QB, Dak is playing out of his mind and will continue to do so on the beat up CHI D.
balex pick: DAL

MIN(2-0) at CAR(1-1) (-7)

How MIN is 2-0 is beyond me. They are having signficant QB issues, and now AD is done for the season possibly. Without the CAR D having to focus solely on AD, they are able to be more flexible and receptive to Bradfords passing game. MIN has a lot more unanswered questions, while CAR is getting into the groove of things.
balex pick: CAR

PIT(2-0) at PHI(2-0) (+3.5)

The battle of PA as they call it. PIT has won both of its first games against good teams, while PHI has beat much weaker teams. The rookie QB for PHI will be up against a great all around team of PIT that will be sure to give him fits. The veterans of PIT should be able to keep going to the well, and even on the road, they should beat PHI with some ease.
balex pick: PIT

DET(1-1) at GB(1-1) (-7)

GB is coming off a terrible loss and the best remedy for that, is a home game against DET. The storyline of this game will be the QB’s. If Rogers can play well, GB will win with ease. If he struggles, it will be a long afternoon for GB fans. DET lost their star WR over the summer and have yet to find a decent replacement. The GB D is the best in the league and will do its part to make sure GB betters it record.
balex pick: GB

Picks Left:

Teams Used:
j1: SEA, CAR, GB
j2: KC, NE, CAR
b1: HOU, SEA
b2: GB, BAL, MIA
b3: ARI

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