NFL Picks Week 8

24 Oct , 2014  

STL(-2-4) at KC(3-3) (-7)

KC has the offensive humming after an impressive win over SEA last week. Jamaal Charles, the KC running back is playing real well, and never know what defense will show up for STL. STL has been very lucky with their pervious wins and even a bit gimmicky. KC and Andy Reid will not fall for gimmicks.
balex pick: KC

OAK(0-6) at CLE(3-3) (-6.5)

The OAK QB is a rookie, and is not fairing well at all in the league. He has been thrown to the wolves and the wolves have taken advantage. CLE is using a first year QB in Hoyer, who struggled last week, but the game is a home game for them. CLE lost a key member of the O line, and had to adjust accordingly last week. OAK is last in almost all key categories in the league. This week will be no different.
balex pick: CLE

WAS(2-5) at DAL(6-1) (-10)

DAL is on a hot streak to end all other hot streaks. Huge division game at home on Monday night. Romo likes the limelight, but at times chokes in the big game. WAS is on their thrid QB of the season, and using Texan Colt McCoy. Hate to pick against Colt, but you gotta pick with your head and stats, not your favorites. DAL RB Murrary is playing out of his mind. Gaining 100+ yeards in the forst 7 games of the season. The WAS D will not be able to contain him especially with the pro bowler Orakpo for the remainder of the season. Along with Dez and Witten, there is no way WAS can keep up with DAL.
balex pick: DAL

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