NFL Picks Week 7

17 Oct , 2014  

ATL(2-4) at BAL(4-2) (-7)

BAL offense put up huge numbers last weekend over TB. ATL’s defense is very porous and this will be the first game of 4 on the road for ATL. Flacco is putting up huge offensive numbers and ATL is giving up big numbers via the run and pass. ATL offensive numbers fall off significantly when playing on the road. ATL pass defense can be exploited and Flacco is in the drivers seat to do just that.
balex pick: BAL

MIN(2-4) at BUF(3-3) (-6)

MIN has handed the keys to rookie QB Bridgewater who has struggled after showing flashes of greatness in his first game. BUF will be his first road game. Orton has not been great for BUF either, but he is a seasoned veteran. BUF defense is playing out of their mind, while MIN offensive line is letting everything through like it was the southern border. Neither are offenisve powerhouses, so the edge goes to the BUF defense.
balex pick: BUF

CAR(3-2-1) at GB(4-2) (-6.5)

GB is really good at home, especially when Rodgers is at the helm. Rodgers is a great passing QB and CAR has already given up a lot of TD’s through the air this year. CAR defense has been giving up a lot yards per carry, and Eddie Lacy is due to break out.
balex pick: GB


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