Favorite Food

23 Sep , 2003  

Lately I have been thinking about what my favorite food is. It would be easy to say steak or lobster. Truth is, I like pizza. Not just pizza, but pizza covered with pizza and a side of pizza.

I would start off with a pizza as an appetizer, pizza as the main course, and have pizza for dessert. Beer would be the beverage to have with the pizza, besides you cant drink pizza. Can you?

I’m not too picky on the provider of my pizza although I do not care too much for Pizza Inn. I like Pizza Hut and Dominos Pizza, but my all time favorite provider of pizza, at least in Waco, would have to be Baris. They have huge slices of the thin slice variety, and reasonably priced as well. I think a slice is like $1.50. Poppa Rollos would be a close second.

When it comes to the microwave variety of pizza, I enjoy Digornos. Those pizza rolls are pretty good as well. Buffet pizza is ok, I mean when you are a budget. Double Daves is pretty good, and CiCis aint too shabby.

All this talk about pizza makes me what a big slice of the pizza pie.

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